last update:28072020



Coinpot Faucets:  Rating: TOP!


The Coinpot faucets are currently the best faucets on the net. There are seven coinpot faucets,  five moon-faucets and Bonus Bitcoin and BitFun.  All earnings are collected in coinpot and can be withdrawn for free.


Moonfaucets: The Moonfaucets are belong the TOP faucets because the are very profitable and have some advantages:


  • moonbit.co.in           minimum payout 0,0001 Bitcoin                  RANK






  • moonliteco.in                       minimum payout 0,002 Litecoin                  RANK





  • moondash.co.in               minimum payout 0,002 Dash                     RANK









  • moondoge.co.in              minimum payout  100 Doge                          RANK







  • claim every 5 minutes
  • loyalty bonus of up to 100 percent if  you claim at least once a day,  TIP: better claim at least 2 times daily, in the morning and in the evening, that you do not lose the bonus
  • mystery bonus of up to 100% from the first day
  • referral bonus: refer 100 people, you get another 100% extra and you will get pay referal commission on every claim, so get started now!
  • Receive 3 Coinpot tokens per claim, which can be exchanged for the favorite cryptocurrency (Price Coinpot Token 28072019)
  • currently no withdrawal fees
  • not stressful to claim
  • easy to reach minimum payouts
  • moonfaucets are very popular: also see their Alexa ranks



Bonus Bitcoin and BitFun


  • Bonusbitcoin                                                                                        RANK







  • not stressful to claim
  • claim every 15 minutes
  • 50% referral Bonus
  • up to 5000 Satoshis per claim
  • payout in COINPOT




  • BITFUN                                                                                              RANK





  • not stressful to claim
  • claim every 3 minutes
  • 50% referral Bonus
  • payout in COINPOT

The freebitcoin site is one of the oldest existing faucets   Rating: TOP!


  • freebitcoin                                                                                                       RANK



  • There is no advertising here
  • reliabe site
  • you receive dalily interest from 0.0003 BTC on the account (if you deposit coins here you have to know for yourself)
  • The site is funded by the revenues of the "HI-LO-Games" and  "mining" revenues
  • There is a low payout fee
  • Payments are made to your own address
  • Minimum payout: 0.0003 BTC
  • If the random number is 10000 you will receive Bitcoin worth $ 200 depending on the current bitcoin price
  • there's a lottery which you take part automatically when claiming
  • Payouts are reduced over time if you do not play the "HI-LO" game. Here you have to bet if a randomly generated number is greater or smaller than a certain number. TIP: DON'T DO IT!  IGNORE IT! your satoshis are gone fast!




there is a partner site freedogecoin:         Rating: OK!




  • freedogecoin                                                                                               RANK





  • this works like the freebitcoin page.
  • reliable site
  • There is no interest here
  • payout fee is low.
  • Recaptcha here is partially annoying
  • low rewards


The site allcoins.pw is a faucet site where you can claim a variety of cryptocurrencies.  Rating: GOOD!


Not all worthwhile to claim because some of the payment fees are too high.

Most currencies can also be transferred to Faucethub directly, but there are low transaction fees.

TIP: Bitcoin, Bitcore, Litecoin Dash  Ethereum


  • Allcoins.pw                                                                                                          RANK








  • not stressful to claim
  • every 5 minutes
  • many coins
  • Offerwalls - here you can do tasks and receive in return cryptos. (depending on if you like it)
  • PTC included
  • Payment fees 1.5%
  • compatible with faucethub
  • disadvantage: automatic logout



The site cointiply is a faucet site where you can claim high rewards.  Rating: TOP!


Theres also a pretty nice PTC feature integrated where you can  promote you own links or click on links to earn BTC


  • cointiply                                                                                                              RANK






  • not stressful to claim
  • every 60 minutes
  • Offerwalls - here you can do tasks and receive in return cryptos. (depending on if you like it)
  • PTC feature included
  • compatible with faucethub
  • earn interest
  • min payout 3,50$

REVIEW  dogebits free  and bitsfree  12092019 (not recommended)

this is my personal expercience and does not mean it'S always like this. This is just a review about bad behavior, which tells a lot about the mindset.

There were bugs on their site dogebitsfree that PTC advertising prices were too low. I created some ads  and informed them via mail to correct it not to make too high losses.  But instead of solving the issue and contacting me they banned me for "free advertising" altough it was their own fault to and I even wrote 2 mails to them to make them aware of it. I offered to pay a part of the ads, but no response. Then they banned me on their partner site bitsfree also, which has nothing to do with the issue.   Normally I would not have given a f*ck because I don't care about stupid people. But it was the case I had paid 100000 Satoshis for advertising there and there were still ads for around 50000 satoshis left.   Again I wrote them a mail asking for unbanning or refunding me.But they just ignored all the messages and until now there was no refunding. This is not business behavior but just dumb. No smart businessman would ban their paying customers. lol. So it's the case they first banned me for "free advertising" which was not my fault and then they stole my 50k Satoshis. Message to them:  be lucky it was not more.  Otherwise I would have taken you to court!

I don't claim this site doesn't pay and  work.  But this is dumbest behavior.


Luckily there are faucet owners out there that understand the business and behave like business man like the owner from clickbits and moremoney and many others.

WIth time such behavior will not be accepted by the customers anymore and so they will switch to better professional sites. It's just a question of time.

Jut to let you know: Their mindset is:

If there are any issues they might ban you and take your funds, Without answering mails, they are not willing to clarify . They will blame you for their own mistakes and take your coins. Very poor! and not recommended.    Better use clickbits & moremoney & qashbits.com crinf.net yannik.biz  and all the other good faucets.