last update:100602022


FAUCET REVIEWS  February 2022



When we have updated this page it became clear again that things and sites change very fast:


Only 2 of the sites we had previously reviewed here are still there or are reliable in a way it should be:  freebitcoin  and cointiply , detailed review see below.

Meanwhile many new sites have entered the scene,  Most activity in this crypto earning space first appear on the site  faucetpay.io  which is a microwallet where payments are collected and then sent via the blockchain.  Many of the sites are precoded scripts that can be bought and handled by a person who is technically able to run such a site.


That leads to a situation where many sites compete for the same audience and which makes it hard to survive in the business.  Also some participants do not care much about users and take most  of the revenue for themselves.


That's why users should find a way to find the best and most relying sites where  they can be sure they will be paid and don't take too much risk to catch a virus or to be scammed


What features do the best sites have?


the best sites


  •   have always been paying and do exist for more than a year
  •   don't use shortlinks or bad shortlinks to generate revenue
  •   use max 2 popups to generate revenue
  •   don't have any NSFW or other sensitive content
  •   don't contain (m)any risks for the users
  •   are loading fast
  •   pay witthin in short time
  •   don't have a high withdrawal limit
  •   pay a referral commission
  •   have no or low withdrawal fees
  •   average earning amounts




good sites without many risks are:  VISIT THEM HERE


  • freebitco.in  (negative point: high min withdrawal limit)
  • cointiply
  • yannik.biz     (negative point: high min withdrawal limit + withdrawal fee)
  • satoshihero  (negative point: high min withdrawal limit)
  • coinpayu      (negative point: sometimes scam ads)



Our sites:


  • crinf.net
  • qashbits.com




 most of these sites have gambling options:  don't use them!  Your earnings will be gone!




Sites with a certain risk: VISIT THEM HERE


There are some more great earning sites where you can easily earn some coins but while the previously mentioned sites are not not cointaining risks except the gambling options. The biggest risk on these sites are the shorltinks  that contain malware ,viruses, autdownloads, NSFW, annoying ads ,endless popups.  Instead of doing shortlinks we recommend doing surveys if available.


If you make sure to follow certain rules you can avoid the biggest risk on the following sites:




  • faucetcrypto
  • adbtc    (scam ads with NSFW and automatic downloads possible)-  close scam ads and delete woutdownloads immediately)
  • claimbits
  • cryptowin
  • freeLTC



  • RULE 2:    BE CAREFUL WITH PTC ADS-  there might be scam sites. Close scam sites fast and delete autodownloads immediately




Direct faucets as the like  X Faucets and the Konstanninova  pay directly to your  faucetpay account might have some annoying pop ads








The freebitcoin site is one of the oldest existing faucets   Rating: TOP!


  • freebitcoin                                                                                                       RANK



  • There is no advertising here
  • reliabe site
  • you receive dalily interest from 0.0003 BTC on the account (if you deposit coins here you have to know for yourself)
  • The site is funded by the revenues of the "HI-LO-Games" and  "mining" revenues
  • There is a low payout fee
  • Payments are made to your own address
  • Minimum payout: 0.0003 BTC
  • If the random number is 10000 you will receive Bitcoin worth $ 200 depending on the current bitcoin price
  • there's a lottery which you take part automatically when claiming
  • Payouts are reduced over time if you do not play the "HI-LO" game. Here you have to bet if a randomly generated number is greater or smaller than a certain number. TIP: DON'T DO IT!  IGNORE IT! your satoshis are gone fast!



The site cointiply is a faucet site where you can claim high rewards.  Rating: TOP!


Theres also a pretty nice PTC feature integrated where you can  promote you own links or click on links to earn BTC


  • cointiply                                                                                                              RANK






  • not stressful to claim
  • every 60 minutes
  • Offerwalls - here you can do tasks and receive in return cryptos. (depending on if you like it)
  • PTC feature included
  • compatible with faucethub
  • earn interest
  • min payout 3,50$


At  this time we won't  release any  new detailed reviews, on faucet-list org we will only publish sites that we consider to be legit  and eays to earn which  means that


  • Earning is easy
  • there are  low/no risks
  • withdrawal fee is legit
  • there are no shortlink obligations
  • witdhrawal amount can be achieved easily
  • the sites have proven to pay
  • there are not too many popups