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You ask yourself:  Why should I use cryptocurrencies?


The answer is easy!


1. it is anonymous

 Cryptocurrencies are anonymous as cash, only you and the recipient know about the transaction except you publish the keys publicly. Google Pay and Apple Pay , paypal and the upcoming CBDCs are not anonymous.



2. full control - the system or you?

Governments around the world are working on the abolition of cash while they are alos wokring on the introduction of CBDCs ! Why? When there is no more cash around, governments have full control over every citizen's transaction. That corresponds to a 100% monitoring.

Cryptocurrencies give you the freedom of your money back. No banker can say: "I do not carry out this transaction" or "I forward your transaction to the tax authorities", because there is no bank due to the decentralized structure.the CBDC are a big threat to our individual freedom

Nobody can intervene in your transactions. The only risk is you, when you make mistakes. Carry out all transactions carefully. On the other hand there.  And as everyone knows, the one that rules the money rules the world. So Bitcoin is much better.


3. international

Cryptocurrencies are already widespread in many countries, and the number of cryptocurrency ATM is rising  (number 29072019 5306):  Furthermore, increasing numbers of private individuals accept Bitcoin.



4. popular - future technology

Crypto currencies are becoming increasingly popular, gaining more acceptance and are likely to prevail in the long term, still there are exceptions of some countries that want to reject future technology , but also they will most likely join whne they see there neighbor countries having succes wit Bitccoin




You can save it easily - on your on wallet,  without a bank-  without the help of others. Just you!



6. Possibility of huge gains when prices are rising

There are a lot of signs that Bitcoin prices will rise in the next years.

Be wise when it come the to the coins you earn.  Get your manin position in BTC



7. Handling

Since I started with Bitcoin I wish I could use it everywhere and everyday.  It's so extremely useful, every bank transactions appears to be much work now. BCH and DASH for example have very low transaction fees, so you can really use it. And good apps make sending and receiving very easy.  REALLY!






TIP: the best way to get Bitcoin anonymously is to accept Bitcoin. Accept  the  most famous coins:  BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, ZEC, XMR.   If someone offers you, to sell you Bitcoin or to buy something for Bitcoin from you, accept that offer if it's fair, (ask for the fees, 7% is the max you should pay)!,


You have things you don't need anymore? Sell it and let othes pay you in Bitcoin.

Don't accept fees when you are selling sth. except bitcoin Network fees you could possibly share with the buyer).

There is no harm if you own Bitcoin for some small amounts you can afford? There are only 2 options. The price is falling or the price is rising, but there are many signs, that the price will rise.



Your duty:  Use it and inspire others to use cryptocurrencies also. Show them how to earn on earning sites and invite them with your affiliate links or send them to faucet-list.org, so they can learn how to make some money on the internet. Also explain them the advantages of decentralization and  monetary freedom








To be honest: using cryptocurrencies is really a thrilling experience. It's like having a date for the first time, or the first drive with a car. To get started with it you have to throw  your old convictions over board, and create space for new experiences. That's like reprogramming your mind  to a new reality.  This time it's the new money!  It was the same with the internet.  20 years ago most people did not use it.  Nowadays it's unthinkable to live without internet. There is a serious chance that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be the future of money.  So spread the word, use it, tell others about it, pay with it, save it, givie away to friend, and most importantly. ACCEPT IT!